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2023 Jun 5Revision
2.4 -- Introduction to function parameters and argumentsAdded section: Function parameters not used in the function body
2023 May 30New
7.4 -- Constexpr if statementsAdded lesson: Constexpr if statements
2023 May 29Revision
5.1 -- Operator precedence and associativityRewrote lesson to clarify concepts and tighten terminology
2023 May 11Revision
11.3 -- Arrays and loopsAdded quiz 4. Thanks to reader Waldo!
2023 May 11Revision
7.10 -- For statementsAdded quizzes 4 and 5. Thanks to reader Waldo!
2023 May 9Revision
0.11 -- Configuring your compiler: Warning and error levelsRecommending -Wconversion for GCC/Clang/VS Code users
2023 May 9Revision
7.16 -- Detecting and handling errorsAdded section: When to use `std::cout` vs `std::cerr` vs logging
2023 May 5Revision
0.11 -- Configuring your compiler: Warning and error levelsAdded information on how to enable signed/unsigned conversion warnings for Visual Studio
2023 May 5Split
8.4 -- Narrowing conversions, list initialization, and constexpr initializersRefactored narrowing conversion content from prior lesson. Added content around constexpr initializers.
2023 May 5Revision
8.3 -- Numeric conversionsAdded section: Safe and unsafe conversions
2023 May 4Revision
8.17 -- Non-type template parametersAdded sections: Implicit conversions for non-type template arguments, and Type deduction for non-type template parameters using `auto`
2023 Apr 22Revision
1.6 -- Uninitialized variables and undefined behaviorAdded section: Implementation-defined behavior and unspecified behavior
2023 Apr 21Split
8.17 -- Non-type template parametersRefactored content and added examples (in preparation for future content)
2023 Apr 13Revision
5.3 -- Remainder and ExponentiationRenamed modulus to remainder, added rationale
2023 Mar 30New
14.y -- Chapter 14 projectAdded project: Chapter 14 project
2023 Mar 16Revision
16.7 -- std::initializer_listRevised section: List initialization prefers list constructors over non-list constructors
2023 Feb 27Revision
7.20 -- Generating random numbers using Mersenne TwisterRevised section: Random numbers across multiple functions or files (Random.h)
2023 Feb 12Revision
10.11 -- Class template argument deduction (CTAD) and deduction guidesAdded section: Type template parameters with default values
2023 Feb 8Revision
11.7 -- std::string_view (part 2)Revised section: Prefer to pass by std::string_view (over const std::string&)
2023 Feb 6Revision
9.6 -- Introduction to pointersClarified when invalid pointers produce undefined/implementation-defined behavior
2023 Jan 26Revision
20.9 -- Exception specifications and noexceptAdded section: Illustrating the behavior of noexcept functions and exceptions
2023 Jan 13Revision
1.5 -- Introduction to iostream: cout, cin, and endlAdded section: std::cout is buffered, along with additional discussion of flushing
2023 Jan 7Revision
0.6 -- Installing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)Added instructions to update MinGW for Code::Blocks C++20 support
2023 Jan 7Revision
1.9 -- Introduction to literals and operatorsAdded discussion of operator return values and side effects
2022 Dec 21Revision
2022 Dec 17Revision
14.11 -- Overloading typecastsAdded section: Converting constructors vs overloaded typecasts
2022 Dec 8Revision
SiteAdded VS Code sections
2022 Nov 29Revision
1.4 -- Variable assignment and initializationAdded section: Unused initialized variables and [[maybe_unused]]
2022 Nov 23Revision
M.8 -- Circular dependency issues with std::shared_ptr, and std::weak_ptrRewrote section: Avoiding dangling pointers with std::weak_ptr
2022 Nov 21Revision
2022 Nov 5Revision
2022 Oct 6Revision
20.4 -- Uncaught exceptions and catch-all handlersNoted that stack unwinding is optional for uncaught exceptions. Added best practice around catch-all handlers in main.
2022 Oct 6Revision
20.3 -- Exceptions, functions, and stack unwindingRevised lesson to more accurately describe when stack unwinding happens
2022 Oct 3Revision
M.4 -- std::moveAdded section: Moved from objects will be in a valid, but possibly indeterminate state
2022 Oct 3Revision
M.3 -- Move constructors and move assignmentAdded section: Do not implement move semantics using std::swap
2022 Sep 16Revision
14.10 -- Overloading the parenthesis operatorAdded extra credit quiz questions 2 and 3
2022 Sep 15Revision
7.10 -- For statementsAdded section: The perils of `operator!=` in for-loop conditions
2022 Sep 13Revision
8.7 -- Typedefs and type aliasesAdded section on naming type aliases, made type alias names consistent with best practice
2022 Sep 12Revision
4.12 -- Introduction to type conversion and static_castAdded section: Type conversion produces a new value
2022 Sep 11Revision
4.14 -- Compile-time constants, constant expressions, and constexprRevised examples, added section: Constant folding for constant subexpressions
2022 Sep 8Revision
1.10 -- Introduction to expressionsRefactored some content and linked some related lessons
2022 Sep 8Revision
1.9 -- Introduction to literals and operatorsAdded text about nullary operators
2022 Aug 25Revision
13.6 -- Constructor member initializer listsAdded section: Initializing const member variables
2022 Aug 23Revision
2022 Aug 23Revision
10.1 -- Introduction to program-defined (user-defined) typesRevised section: Nomenclature: user-defined types vs program-defined types
2022 Aug 20Revision
20.9 -- Exception specifications and noexceptRevised section: When to use noexcept
2022 Aug 12Revision
5.6 -- Relational operators and floating point comparisonsRevised section: Floating point equality
2022 Jul 23Revision
M.8 -- Circular dependency issues with std::shared_ptr, and std::weak_ptrAdded section: Dangling pointers with std::weak_ptr
2022 Jul 21Revision
17.9 -- Multiple inheritanceAdded section: Mixins
2022 Jun 16Split
11.7 -- std::string_view (part 2)Moved some content into chapter 4
2022 Jun 16Moved
2022 Jun 16Revision
2022 Jun 16Split
4.16 -- Numeral systems (decimal, binary, hexadecimal, and octal)Refactored from literals lesson. Made lesson optional
2022 Jun 16Revision
4.15 -- LiteralsRevised content for clarity. Moved content on numeric systems and string literals to other lessons
2022 Jun 16Split
4.14 -- Compile-time constants, constant expressions, and constexprExpanded constexpr content. Added section around constant expressions
2022 Jun 16Revision
4.13 -- Const variables and symbolic constantsRevised content for clarity. Moved constexpr content to new lesson
2022 May 13Revision
4.13 -- Const variables and symbolic constantsAdded section on constexpr strings
2022 Apr 26Revision
7.17 -- std::cin and handling invalid inputChanged occurrences of `` to `!std::cin`.
2022 Apr 24New
10.11 -- Class template argument deduction (CTAD) and deduction guidesMoved CTAD from lesson 10.10 and added deduction guides section
2022 Apr 21Revision
2022 Apr 21New
2022 Apr 15New
2.3 -- Void functions (non-value returning functions)Moved some content from lesson 2.2. Added more discussion about return statements
2022 Apr 15Split
2.2 -- Function return values (value-returning functions)Moved some content of this lesson into lesson 2.3
2022 Apr 8Moved
SiteSplit chapter 9 (into 9 and 10). Previous chapters 10, 11, 12, 13 moved back.
2022 Mar 29Revision
8.15 -- Function template instantiationAdded section: Using function templates in multiple files
2022 Mar 29Moved
6.13 -- Inline functionsMoved lesson from chapter 10 to chapter 6
2022 Mar 28New
6.14 -- Constexpr and consteval functionsNew lesson: Constexpr and consteval functions
2022 Mar 27Revision
4.13 -- Const variables and symbolic constantsAdded new section: "Constant expressions"
2022 Mar 20Revision
2.5 -- Introduction to local scopeAdded section: "Out of scope" vs "going out of scope"
2022 Mar 20Revision
4.18 -- Introduction to std::string_viewAdded sections: converting std::string to std::string_view, and passing strings to functions
2022 Mar 14Revision
6.13 -- Inline functionsRewrote lesson, added section on use of inline keyword in modern C++
2022 Feb 27Revision
0.10 -- Configuring your compiler: Compiler extensionsRemoved /Za as recommended setting for Visual Studio
2022 Feb 25Revision
10.4 -- Scoped enumerations (enum classes)Added section: Easing the conversion of scoped enumerators to integers (advanced)
2022 Feb 20Revision
2022 Feb 20Revision
2022 Feb 20Revision
2022 Feb 20Feature
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