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  • Limon


         Sir,I am totally new in COMPUTER PROGRAMMING.So I am so much curious to learn programming language.As an new member I need some advises...

    1. If I want to learn two or three programming language at the same time,  is it good ? I mean, does it have any bad effect on me or is it possible ?

    2. Can I learn html5 and C++ together ?

    I will be very happy if someone give me his kind advice.

    • nascardriver

      1. You'll probably mix up languages and not be able to learn best practices. If you start with C++ and do the other languages later, you'll have a very easy time after C++.

      2. Yes, these languages are very different.

      • Limon

        Thank you so much for your kind response.Surely I will follow your advise.

        sir, how can I make sure the best practice for this language ?  
        Besides , do you have any preferred site for HTML learning ?

  • Louis Cloete

    Hi Alex and Nascardriver!

    I recently started using std::threads and other C++11 concurrency features. I'd love to see material on that here on I believe that multithreading is becoming more mainstream and foundational as time passes. While it wasn't something you'd put on a site like this in 2005, it is definitely belonging here in 2020.

    I know you're busy with other improvements/updates. I would volunteer to write material, but I don't feel experienced enough yet. However, I would be willing to proof read drafts and make suggestions.

    If I gain enough experience to feel I can write material, I'd let you know then if you didn't get round to it yet and then we can discuss then.

  • Blair

    Just wanted to say thank you for this resource. I think this is the best self-contained resource for learning C++ online. I am coming to C++ after learning Python and JavaScript in school and in personal projects. There is a real dearth of online resources for learning C++. While there is detailed documentation it is often quite cryptic for those not already "in the know." This site seems to me the one exception.

  • New Topics


    I have a suggestion:
    When you add a new topic and highlighted them in green color, then we wouldn't notice the most recent ones after we came back to this site like two months or six months later. Is there any way to put a tiny little date on the Main Page beside the name of the topics which are highlighted in green? In that case we will be sure that what topics have been added since the last time we were there! When they are all highlighted in green it is hard to distinguish the most recent ones!

    Thank you for all of the great help and effort!

  • Viktor


    Great doc! Do you have this material in offline format? E.g. PDF?

  • Dirk Vettewinkel

    In P.6.x in the solution to Q3 (the swap function) I think there is a virus

  • Abhishek Reddy Gaddam

    Thank You so ,much for providing this resource.

    My only feedback/suggestion is to shift the login panel(on the right) to left side of the web page, so that the reading section(middle section) can be extended all the way towards the right.

  • MoisturBacon

    I cannot stress enough how thankful I'm to the authors and how great this site is.

    You guys are doing an amazing job. You've started my (and many others') programming journey. Narration here is amazing, though English is not my native language, still you managed to make me understand everything.

    Thank you very much again! Best wishes!

  • Yolo

    I cant post a comment in any lesson anymore(except this one i guess) and if i re-comment it. A message appears that says:"You have already said that"(or something similar).

    • nascardriver

      Hello. Your comments were marked as spam. I approved them now. If it happens again, please leave another comment here so we can investigate it or try using a different email address.

      • issue with commenting

        I was having the same issue. I wasn't able to comment for weeks and I kept getting '' error. I had to use a different email address.

  • sAmIRa

    Hello dear Alex and nascardriver,

    I wanted to thank you one million times to all of great efforts, time and commitments you have made to provide the most brilliant, wonderful, amazing C++ tutorial in the world.

    It is one-of-kind and will always be! You have done a marvelous job! I will always always be thankful for you guys. You have no idea how much you have changed my life! You have taught me programming and even taught me to be too generous to share my knowledge with others.

    Every morning I wake up, I am super excited to browse the site and start learning with great passion and enjoyment. I am in the middle of the tutorial and I am learning a lot and a lot. The joy you give me by knowing more and more about the beauty of this fascinating programming language, C++, is impossible to describe.

    This wouldn't be easy or possible if it wasn't because of you guys. I LOVE you and will always pray for having a healthy, wealthy, happy, long life.

  • Hello,
    Can you provide a recommended sequence of chapters for those starting from the beginning, not wanting to miss valuable info that we need in a later chapter?

    About a year ago, I actively used this website, and left off at chapter 9 or 10, and now after a long absence, I want to start back up again, but from the beginning.  Thanks.


    • nascardriver

      Well, this sounds like you want to start of from the beginning, so chapter 0. If you think you still know enough and just need a refresher, read the lessons marked as "New" and try to do the P.6.X blackjack quiz, which covers plenty of topics to give you a quick restart, then keep going from there. Be sure to post your solutions to any quizzes so I can remind you of what to read if I see you missed something.
      The chapters from 9 onward aren't as good as the ones before, because they don't get as many readers so they're less good maintained. If you make it to chapter 15 (inclusive), you're good to go.

  • Pierre Fransson

    I would like to say a very big thank you for this online tutorial. It really does an amazing job on covering an array of topics (pun intended) with lots of well thought out examples. To top it off, there is almost no bloat; all the topics are succinct and can be digested quickly. Truly a stellar job!


  • Luiz

    I was browsing the website yesterday and I had no issues, but today, it appears all code tags in the lessons have glitched out and I can see the bbcode instead of the code box. I have tried multiple browsers and devices and they all appear to have the same issue.

  • evolve

    How about adding the translation page for those who want to volunteer translating this great resource?

  • gaggedegg

    Hey! Awesome work with the whole website, thank you for keeping updated to date with the latest changes.

    It's just a very minor visual bug that I think might be a known bug.

    1. The search box is a little bit out of the space provided to it.
    2. On some pages like in chapter 8.4, the rule section loses its CSS (the light green box around the section).

    Anyways, this website helps me a lot revising my CPP and I also learn a few new things :)

  • Andrew Hislop

    Thank you so much for your help. I have needed to brush up on C++ after a long break of quite a few years, and your course has provided a free revision covering the full scope, rather than just the basics, and it has been done with humour! Well done and thank you again.

    Best wishes,


  • Alan Wynne

    It would be great to have a Quick reference where all your tips hints best practices and warnings where grouped together to form a guide to your personal C++ coding style.

  • Heja

    Thank you so much for this great work.

    I've read it on the go on mobile, and in bed on tablet. But mainly I use a laptop or my desktop. And I'd love a way to read it in fullscreen but narrowly midscreen like when opening pdfs fullscreen. I realize this may be a niche wish, but I can imagine others liking it too. I'm not asking you to change the site design to accommodate this, but inquiring whether there are solutions someone reading this know of. Like a browser plug-in or something.

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