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ПодаръциканализацияAs you’re already noticing, the website now has a new look and feel! The previous theme that we were using for the website was woefully incompatible with WordPress 3.0, so we’ve upgraded to the Atahualpa theme, which has an incredible number of configuration options, and should provide better support for future features. Sorry Tiga theme fans, looks like Tiga’s going to be left in the dustbin of history. :(

The theme upgrade has necessitated a lot of rework on the site, and it’s possible some things may still not be functioning correctly. If you find anything that seems funny (missing functionality that used to work, dead links, etc…), please leave a comment below and let me know.

Or, if you just feel like commenting on the new theme (like it? hate it? unsure?), feel free. :)

Thanks for visiting!

15 comments to New look and feel

  • rmroberts76

    I noticed the website was unavailable on 10 July - 11 July. Hope everything is OK.

  • astronaut13

    Hey, my friend wants to try out a C++ game I am writing with Visual Studio 2010. But he uses a Mac - any tips on making it compatible? It's a text-based game, so no graphics. What type of project does it have to be to be cross-compatible - working on both OS X and Windows?

  • WordPress

    Great new look.

  • Nice job here. Thank you for this awesome tutorial. Without your help I would probably still be stuck at "HelloWorld.cpp". :-)

    If there were something I would change in the site then there would be two things.
    1. When opening the printable version of the posts there is no SyntaxHighlighter active. Would be great if you'd add this feature there too.
    2. While you're at it then it would also be nice if the Next, Index and Previous buttons were removed for the printable version of the posts.

    Keep up the great work! And once again, thank you!

  • e-joey

    the HTML feature is getting in the way of the tag erasing it- how about this way

    #include "stdafx.h" for Visual Studio

  • e-joey

    I want to thank you for doing this, I really appreciate it.
    Far as feedback on the site, I like it, it is easy to use but lacks a Q&A section, the forum link does not work. If I may a quick comment.

    I was very thrown off at the where you use in-line preprocesser (I am not a quitter yet here! I dug and dug to find this out) in section 1.4 on functions with no explanation, I was so hung up on the "all programs start at main()" than saw that (functions before main), it was very disturbing. Maybe a comment there could help?

    That said, even after 2 years of courses in IT stuff and comm. coll. this is helping me more than anything else I found. A very special thanks for showing how to compile! I have fought this issue over a year, so glad I really never quit, as I would not be here now. These geniuses write this stuff and don't instruct compiling,stating it is outside the scope of the course. What good is their tutorial if you can't use it in a compiler? I took a Visual Basic class, but did not know about that #include issue, which blocked me from using it on other sites so I feel so grateful and thankful. The MSDN stuff slips around so much, I don't care for it being new, it seems like one tut is real easy and the very next tut skips or assumes a few years more knowledge. Even though I am 50, I think this will work for me, and I really love it, although I am moving slower than I thought, but you and others have made clear do not go on until the concept is really understood, or you will be back to that section again or worse.

    Thank you so much again!

    • e-joey

      I meant the instruction to use #include with Visual Studio, no one else says that, and you enter what they say and get all those errors, it is discouraging, debugging on program one is not an ideal learning environment. Your a very good teacher.

  • nghtwlkr

    Hey Alex, it looks good. I am a bit disappointed that the site is not yet written in HTML5. But that might be WordPress' fault? Anyway, keep up the great work!

  • Adora

    It is lot better than the earlier one :) keep up the g8 work

  • Sujit

    I think it need to have some more "frames" then it wold be really good.

  • iwan

    Great work , Alex.
    IMO the old skin was a way to easy to work with and its appearance was better /my own view.

  • GoldenGentleman

    It seems that random garbles of letters keep popping up. I think the "code" tag is on the fritz.

    • One of the plugins I'm using to prevent WordPress from mangling the contents inside HTML code tags appears to be not working properly. I've disabled it for the time being.

      At a quick glance, it looks like this has temporarily fixed the issue but I wouldn't be surprised if there were side effects. I'll keep looking into whether this is a conflict between two plugins or just an issue with this particular plugin and the new version of wordpress.

      Thanks for reporting this.

  • PReinie

    Since the web site update/conversion I no longer had a login. It didn't recognize my username or my email to reset my password. I had to create a new login. (Are the emails and username case sensitive?)

    How do I get to my profile from the learning C++ tutorial pages? Maybe a link to it could be placed in the META area in the upper right of the page.


  • Casey

    One hell of an upgrade, to say the least. I'm connecting a lot easier, too. Way to go!

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