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Hey all,

In order to clean up the site infrastructure and address some security and spam issues, we’ve migrated the site to a new (faster) server, and essentially rebuilt the site from the ground up. Some of the plugins used to provide functionality (including the code syntax highlighter) weren’t compatible with the most recent versions of WordPress, so alternatives had to be found.

I’ve tried to ensure everything is working similarly to how it was before (or better), but it’s possible that I missed something. If you discover any strange issues or broken features, please leave a comment below so that I can fix them.



Update on 2/10: I’m testing out a new plugin that will convert HTML to text when posting a comment. That means those users who post code in comments without using the code tags should have their code come out looking a bit better. Please let me know if you discover any issues with posting comments as a result!

Update on 12/30: Comments have been re-added to the tutorials per request. We’re trying out some new anti-spam filters so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll be going through each of the articles, manually cleaning up any spam that leaked through the previous filter, and deleting off-topic/useless comments. This will probably take a few days/weeks since there are over six thousand comments to read through!

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  • wezoic

    Testing out comment editing on this site

  • wezoic

    This revised site is great!

  • Elpidius

    Hi Alex,

    After the recent cache corruption that occured, I've noticed that everywhere code is mentioned, it does not render as it should. I've tried it on multiple browsers, so the problem lies on your end.

    i.e. when you've put code inside using (code)(/code) (replace () with []), it doesn't display as code.

    e.g. I can clearly see where you've written on Chapter 1.10a (code language=”cpp”)example code inserted here(/code) (replace () with []).

    This should not be visible at all. Please fix this.


  • Tamas

    Hi Alex,

    I saw Hungarian Notation discussed in one of the chapters earlier, but I can't find it anymore. Was it removed?

    • Alex

      Yes, the lesson on Hungarian Notation has been removed. I used to recommend it, but at this point it seems like all of C++'s top minds agree that it's not worth the effort, so I no longer recommend it.

      I suppose I should add a mention of what it is back into one of the previous lessons just so people have some context as to what it is.

  • xenocidewiki

    I noticed a small typo, when you browse through the chapters, chapter 1 is called "Chapte 1" You forgot the r :p

  • Aco

    Hey Alex,
    Great site, thank you!
    Just some suggestions. Do you have plan to make mobile version of the website? I would think most people want that. Or even better, make an iOS app.

  • Mario

    Not that important but it gets on my nerves - the newly updated 3rd section doesnt allight right with the second one (design vise, you'll see what I'm talkin about).

  • Bill

    Glad to see this site is active!!

    Thanks for the great tutorials and examples. This site introduced me to Object Oriented programming, something 4 years study of Electrical Engineering missed.

  • Anon

    Hi Alex! Are there plans to have more exercises and end of chapter tests? I find these incredibly important when learning, and my main criticism of the site is that these completely disappear after Chapter 5 or so.

    • Alex

      Yeah, as I'm going through and updating the tutorials, I'm also adding more quizzes. Unfortunately, this is a slow process, so you'll likely outpace me.

  • Mark

    It looks like the code  snippets run into issues if you shrink your browser down, horizontally. If it forces text(code) to run onto the next line, it numbers the remainder of that line with its own number.


    6: int addSomeNumbers(int x, int
    7: y)

    I have some screenshots that I can send to elaborate.

    • Alex

      It appears the code beautification plugin doesn't handle dynamically resizing windows correctly. However, if you shrink the window down and then refresh the page at the smaller size, it seems to work okay. So I guess for now, just don't resize your window. :)

      I'll see if I can drop the developer a note. Or maybe find a different beautification engine.

  • CudaQuad

    This site helps alot! I just wished that there was an offline solution for those who have low internet strength, like a PDF file format or something.

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