This is why we can’t have nice things, part 2

On the heels of my previous post This is why we can’t have nice things, we’ve had a another incident with hackers/malicious software. According to my host, exploiters found a way to exploit the WebMin control panel and load the site up with malicious scripts. As a result, the site was suspended again, and the account quarantined.

The good news is that we’re back up and running (again), on a clean account with updated software. Everything has now been restored from the backups -- However, because the new account is running a different version of Linux and a slightly different configuration, it’s likely there could be some minor glitches I haven’t discovered yet.

If you run across anything that seems broken, please leave a message in this thread and let me know.

Thanks for being patient with our unexpected downtime this month, and I’m glad we’re back (again!). :)


PS: I’d like to give a quick tip of the hat to our site host LunarPages, who did a phenomenal job to help get things back up and running.

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  • jasona

    I highly recommend you get SSL certificate to protect your server from any other bots. Not having a SSL cert. makes you more vulnerable to bots. They are quite pricey though...

  • Zidane

    I love the way you explain things. They are so clear and understandable.
    But what I don't get is: There seems to be inactivity since 2011 October.

  • PaperTiger87

    I got introduced to C++ with your website. Too bad my friends do not know English or I maybe would have referred them to your website.
    You actually saved me from making a lot of costs I might have paid to get all sorts of books or classes on cpp.
    Just wanted to
    std::cout << "Thanks" << endl << "Keep up the good work!";
    You are a candle, as you pay for the domain and hosting stuff off your own pocket, and let us benefit from this knowledge, for the good of humanity... I thank you.

  • sumo1700

    To avoid these infringe attacks i suggest why don't you publish a book on this content.
    i will sure buy.........

  • roflmaoqwerty

    So glad to see you back on the site Alex! :D I started learning C++ about a year ago and only ever saw your old posts from '07. I thought you must have died or something :P

  • Hey Alex,

    I am running popular web-site and I ran into similar problem with shared hosting. I was using hostgator. My web-site was hacked and I got phishing pages of Bank of America. Although support removed the pages for me, they didn't care that much about the incident and never bothered to explain how did it happen.

    Anyway, I found a solution for this problem. I moved my web-site to VPS that I manage myself. It's more expensive and requires more time, but it is worth it. Didn't have any problem ever since.

    Good luck,

    • This site has been running on a VPS for few years now. The site gets enough traffic that my host kicked the site off of shared hosting. :)

      The downside of VPS is that it's usually up to the site maintainer to update the non-kernel software. So unless you're really vigilant...

  • jan.vipin

    Hello Alex,

    I tried sending email to alex/learncpp-AT-learncpp-DOT-com but both of the emails were rejected, so I had to come here and post this.

    I believe a user has blatantly copied your website here
    I request you to take a proper action against this and do the necessary.

    So long and Thanks for the tutorials!

  • e-joey

    I was heart broken! I thought you pulled out, I want to really deeply truly thank you for this great learning resource, I mean it!

    Glad to see your back up. Someone has to be ill to want to harm this site, enough said.

    Thank you Mr. Alex.

  • george

    In addition to what I said above, the amazon electronic book is published 19 OCt 2010 (1st edition). One of the reviews says it looks like copy-pasted internet tutorial! As we all know, this site here offers its content since 2007 (at least). Damn. If you need a link, Alex, drop me a line. I care not so much if someone makes money out of something free, but if he/she organizes attacks on the free content to clear market then it rots.

    • I found the infringing content, thanks for the tip-off!

      This site was founded on May 25, 2007. Hard to believe it's been 4 years already!

      • Jmolinar

        Dear Alex,

        I just found your website today because I was looking for some more information on learning C++. A couple of months ago I was looking for more learning materials on the app store on my Iphone and came across an app called "Learning C++" at the time it was listed for $0.99 and seemed fairly in-depth so I purchased it. I thought it was a steal for $0.99 cents and it was informative and really helpful in getting me back into programming mode after taking a summer off but now I feel like I paid the wrong person. The text that I purchased is exactly the same as what is here on your site other than the first maybe 10 lines or so in the first chapter. Even the chapters are broken up the same :(.
        Currently the book is listed on the iphone app store for $4.99 the publisher is SoftMachine and author is Joseph Kalash, It's also on amazon for 6.99 link here:

        I don't really have any idea how to find out who the real author is, but i'm more inclined to believe the thief is the one trying to profit from the text instead of sharing it freely.

        I thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to take some kind of legal action against someone profiting off of your work (at the very least I think he owes you my dollar).

        Please let me know if this is indeed a case copyright infringement so I can get my dollar back from him (or at least have apple kill his app).


        • Hi JMolinar,

          Many thanks to awesome readers like you and George for making me aware of the infringing content. As you've correctly noted, those e-books copy the content from this site, word for word, picture for picture. I've been working with Amazon, the Apple App Store, and YouTube to remediate the situation.

          In the meantime, please enjoy the website and the free content!


          • Jmolinar

            Will do, thanks for sharing this info for free. It's nice to be able to have an extra resource for learning c++ outside of the textbook. Sometimes a different explanation is just what I need. I'll be sure to direct my classmates here if they need help.

  • george

    Hello Alex,

    nice to be back again and running this wonderful site. I have noticed you suffer many attacks, recently, and I would like to say something.
    1. Is it possible to provide us with the tutorial content for download, so we can access the material in case of emergency? The site is really great and has many visitors, if it doesn't cost much effort, we will be grateful. (alternatively you could keep a kopy on a spare web site with free hosting, but that's more work I believe)
    2. I found that this content is duplicated on amazon for sale. Different author, same figures and text (although code was not formatted with colors and line numbers as is here). Could it be that the frequent attacks are related to this? Its so strange.

    • silencedwind

      On my Google Chrome, I was able to access the website with a cache.

      • george

        Me too, but without proper code formatting. And besides, it's a nuisance to click and save every page of these 15 chapters. Although may be I should.

  • fsxfreak1

    Thanks for keeping this site up!

  • ms_j

    Good to see you back! I'd been waiting to resume my study :) Keep up the good work. I like your tutorial more than some expensive books i tried.

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