20.5 — Exceptions, classes, and inheritance

Exceptions and member functions

Up to this point in the tutorial, you’ve only seen exceptions used in non-member functions. However, exceptions are equally useful in member functions, and even moreso in overloaded operators. Consider the following overloaded [] operator as part of a simple integer array class:

Although this function will work great as . . . → Read More: 20.5 — Exceptions, classes, and inheritance

19.6 — Class template specialization

In the previous lesson 19.5 — Function template specialization, we saw how it was possible to specialize functions in order to provide different functionality for specific data types. As it turns out, it is not only possible to specialize functions, it is also possible to specialize an entire class!

Consider the case where you want . . . → Read More: 19.6 — Class template specialization