WordPress Tiga theme 2.2 / 2.3 upgrade

I have updated the Tiga theme (which this site uses) to be compatible with both WordPress 2.2 and 2.3.

This update:
* Fixes the widget problems that were introduced under WordPress 2.2 (thanks, Otto42 for a solution that was cleaner than mine).
* Fixes the blogroll issues that were introduced under WordPress 2.3.

I have also given the theme a new version number: 2.3.

To install this patch, simply unzip the files into your tiga-06 theme directory. Note: Older version of CPanel will not overwrite files that already exist when unzipping files. In this case, unzip them to a local directory and FTP them into your tiga-06 theme directory, or this script may work for some people.

You can download the update here.

Note: This patch appears to work for WordPress v2.5 as well.

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  • I presume it's because something in that is wrong, and it's now being ignored. I'm traveling and was not prepared to fix it, so it's got a band-aid on it right now until I get back.

    This is in sidebar.php ..

  • Okay.. here's one:

    I updated to 2.8.2 from 2.5.1 .. and the blogroll stopped working.

    In the process of tracking down the issue, I inserted a '1' into the line to make sure I was in the right place ..

    .. and it works now.


    as in, see that first &orderby .. ? I inserted a '1' in there, to intentionally break it. Instead, it fixed it.


  • Martyd

    Tiga doesn't work well with WordPress 2.8.2. Neither does theme-my-login. I think it may be time to either get Tiga updated or go to new themes.

  • Radek

    Is it possible to correct sidebar.php for WP2.8? There is a problem with links....

  • good thanks a lot. perfect!

  • Does anyone know how to get the blogroll widget to show up in WordPress MU? It just plain stopped working when I upgraded to the MU version. I've searched for another 3-column like Tiga and I can't find one that works with my graphics, so I'm hoping Tiga theme will be continued.

  • Many thanks for the plugin which seems to have worked going from 2.0.3 to 2.6 . However, I used to have a row of flickr images underneath the header - these have now disappeared 🙁 Any ideas much appreciated. The site is at you should see the flickr images on any of the google caches

  • I've confirmed that this works for WordPress 2.6 as well. Is it just a patch, or do you have all the files for Tiga in there?

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  • Thanks so much for this fix, it worked perfectly for one of my clients' sites.

  • The link to the update of the Tiga theme for 2.3 (and 2.5.1)
    is down.

    I'm wondering if there is a new link for the patch?

  • oh i feel like a dummy- didn't realize the "Text" widget was where script code goes, and didn't realize the widgets even had 'edit' buttons as my blog is a bit wider than normal and didn't see the 'edit' buttons- got the max recent post number of 15 now-

    All is well now- great patch Alex- thanks for taking hte time to fix Tiga with worpdress upgrade- was afraid I was going to have to switch to another theme, but now I've got my blog workign like I had it before upgrade in wordpress- just have 5to relearn all the new functions in the new wp-

  • sorry to bother- but onem ore problem- hte 'recent posts' is stuck at just 5 entries in the sidebar- I would like to change that to 15, but I can't change it in Tigerator?? Just keeps showing only 5 entries on my site- how do I override this?

  • nm- I got it working- I didn't have "Overwrite existing files" checked when I unzipped them- Thanks for hte fix- I was thinking I was going to have to use another hteme because I couldn't get sidebar links and blogroll working, and I really didn't want to use another hteme as I love hte tiga theme, but with the patch, things look great now-

    One problem though- now I can't add scripts like statcounter and other links to my sidebar? Not sure what's going on? I added them in the same place they were before, but now they don't show up like htey did?

  • Hey- I'm using hte latest Tiga theme (1.0.2 I beleive it is) and wordpress 2.5- I downloaded your patch unzipped it to my main Tiga file, but the blogroll still isn't showing up (Neither are my links or categories) Did I do somethign wrong maybe?

  • Ok Alex .. after alot of messing around and such .. it looks like when i went to my design > widgets and just added them normally it put them all back into the correct shape and took away the bullets!

    So that solved that problem .. however as you can see on the right side the "Search" Widget is not showing with a menu bar on top of it..

    And in the design > widgets part of my wordpress dashboard you cant edit anything with the search widget .. any suggestions!

    Thanks so much, you rock!

  • Hey Alex .. your patch worked for me as far as getting my blogroll to display (did not try any other widgets yet)

    but yet I get the bullets and also screws up my layout alittle bit ..

    my blog is at

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks for the info!

  • I am using WP 2.3.2 with the TIGA theme, and I recently added JUST the sidebar.php fix
    so I could use the widgets. Now this works fin, however it completely whacks the
    template layout. The right sidebar shifts about 250 pixels to the right, and the posts
    in the center column shrink to about 200 pixels wide. I tried using the complete patch,
    and got the same result but with more errors in the layout.

    All I need is for the wdigets to work, so just the new sidebar.php paych would work for
    me, if the layout would still work.

    Any ideas?

    The blog is at however right now it is working as I put the old sidebar.php
    file back, as I just can't have the broken layout


    • Hmmm, I can't think of any reason it's doing that. The first thing I would do is check the values in the Tigarator. Try changing some relevant ones and changing them back. Maybe you have some corrupted data or something. I've heard that reinstalling the Tiga theme from scratch can help. You also might try disabling all your plugins to see if any of them are causing the issue. Finally, some people have found the only thing that works is to reinstall wordpress.

  • That is brilliant! You just fixed all of my angst 😀

    I only just managed to upgrade my WP from 1.5.3 to 2.5 (I'm a complete noob - it took aaages), and this patch is fantastic.

    Thanks so much!

  • Do you have any plans to see if Tiga is compatible with WordPress 2.5 and if not, to make it compatible? Thanks. Your first patch was a lifesaver.

    • Yes, I will be looking at it this week.

      Addendum: I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 on my test blog (where I test out new stuff before I put it live on this site) and Tiga appears to be working fine so far. So long as you have the Tiga 2.3 patch installed, my initial reaction is that Tiga 2.3 is compatible with WordPress 2.5.

      Another edit: This website is now running Tiga on WordPress v2.5. It appears to be working fine.

  • I've tried the above and widgets still wont work!! please help!!

  • Dude... you sooooo ROCK!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I've upgraded the Tiga theme using your patch but now when I
    change the colours in the 'Tigarator' your colour scheme still
    appears - how can I change it?

    Also have you any idea why I can't view any static pages?
    Is the problem with Tiga or WordPress?

    • Suzie,

      I was able to successfully change the colors in the Tigarator -- for example, changing the color of the widget header text works fine. I am also able to view static pages just fine.

      I am not sure if your problem is with Tiga or WordPress.

      First, try disabling all your plugins and see if that fixes your issue.

      Second, try removing your Tiga theme completely, then reinstalling both it and the patch.

      Third, try a clean install of WordPress.

      I've seen other people having some weird issues (not related to the patch, but related to corruption of the theme or wordpress), and usually one of these three things ends up fixing it.

      • I've tried all your suggestions and I can now view the static pages properly but I still can't get the colour changes to work. When the blog first loads you can see my changes but then the default colours seem to go on top - does that make sense?

        What I don't understand is that the Tigarator was working fine before I uploaded the patch but now even after reinstalling the original version of Tiga (without the patch) it doesn't work - weird!

        I'm not blaming the patch by the way! If you don't know how to fix this could you recommend any other similar themes.


        • That is strange. The patch doesn't touch any of the files that the Tigarator uses, so I can't imagine the two are linked. Unfortunately, I am out of suggestions as to what the issue might be -- maybe someone else reading this page will have an idea. I don't know of any themes that look similar to Tiga -- but there are a ton of websites that have theme viewers, including the official WordPress one.

          • I've solved the problem! It was just a matter of deleting the image files in the Tigarator. I didn't delete them when I first customised it, the colour changes seemed to take effect regardless. Anyway what a relief!

  • Thanks so much for this fix - I spent quite some time trying to fix it myself until I decided that I can't be the only one having problems with the dynamic sidebar in WP 2.3. Thanks for posting your changes!

  • Thank you so much for doing this. I have been using this theme since I started using WordPress, but have been holding back on upgrading for a while, since upgrades seemed to break the theme, and I couldn't find anything else I liked as much. I was still using 2.0.5, if that tells you anything. I finally found a theme that had the same functionality, but wasn't nearly as elegant, so I did the upgrade, but hated the way my blog looked. Since finding your fix, I am happy again with my blog. Thanks again. Now, I'm need to figure out how to widgetize the footer.

  • Thanks Alex, I'll get with Bill. I made use of the donate button, seems to be working fine. 🙂 Thanks for the help!

  • Will, I took a look at your website and believe I have located your problem.

    If you take a look at the source code of your web page, you will note that each of your widget boxes begins with some HTML that looks like this:

    (or right-wp-widget if it's a widget on the right sidebar)

    This left-wp-widget or right-wp-widget tells the browser which CSS format to use when rendering contained elements. If we look in Tiga's style.php, we see the following:

    This means that for all contained UL (unordered list) elements within the .left-wp-widget style, they should have list-style-type:none, which means no bullets.

    Closer examination shows that for whatever reason, your "today in history" widget is being rendered as <li> rather than <li class="right-wp-widget">. This is why your lists within this widget (and only this widget) are being generated with bullets.

    (As an aside, the second pair of bullets on the inner lists is actually being generated by the plugin itself. If you take a look at the source code, you will see &diam;. This tells the browser to render a diamond. This is fine.)

    The solution to your problem is that you need to get that widget into a <li class="right-wp-widget"> element instead of a plain <li> element.

    When Tiga sets up the sidebars, it tell WordPress that any correctly registered widgets should receive the left-wp-widget or right-wp-widget style. This is done in tiga.php at the bottom of the tiga_pages_widget() function. Any widget that is correctly registered with WordPress should automatically receive this style.

    I am running several add-in widgets on this site (for example, the "Recent Content" in the left sidebar was done through a widget called "Widgetize Anything") and they all render correctly with this style. So the problem doesn't appear to be with Tiga.

    Since this particular widget is not receiving the correct style (but all the others ones are), I would guess that the author of the today in history widget is not registering his widget correctly. As a result, WordPress is not generating the correct CSS.

    (As a side note, the author might want to take a look at the "Widgetize Anything" plugin for a practical example of how to register a widget correctly, as it is a very simple plugin and it definitely works with Tiga, as evidence by it's use on this site)

    PS: I added a donation button (at the bottom of the "about" page).

  • Hi Alex-

    Thanks for fixing Tiga, you sir, rock! I looked for the donate button on your site but I didn't see it- hint, hint. 🙂

    Obscure question for you. I'm running Cday4WP plugin (
    It looks perfect on Bill's (the creator) blog here:

    There's no configuration- it's just widget in the sidebar- drag and drop, even I couldn't screw that up. Anyway, for some reason, Tiga is throwing an extra set of bullets on each line, and the background is gone- you can see the blog background instead of the sidebar background. You can see it on my blog here:

    I went through the stylesheet, Bill went through it and believes it's missing a "list-style-type: none;" entry somewhere. Can you take a look? Did I mention the donate button? This is driving me nuts...


  • Alex,

    It worked! I'm so glad you are helping all of us by keeping TIGA up to date.


  • Alex,

    You understand perfectly, and I'll give that a try. Thanks again for your help!


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