0.1 — Introduction to these tutorials


Welcome to the Learn C++ tutorials! Above all else, these tutorials aim to make learning C++ easy.

Unlike many other sites and books, these tutorials don’t assume you have any prior programming experience. We’ll teach you everything you need to know as you progress, with lots of examples along the way.

Whether you’re interested in learning C++ as a hobby or for professional development, you’re in the right place!

Tutorial structure

The tutorials in this introductory chapter are aimed at giving you some context around what C++ is, how it came about, how programs work, and what software you need to install to create your own programs. You’ll even write your own first program. Further chapters will explore different parts of the C++ language. In the first chapter (chapter 1), you’ll get a broad but shallow overview of many fundamental C++ concepts, so we can start writing some simple programs. Further chapters will explore those concepts in depth, or introduce new concepts.

Each chapter has a general theme, with all of the sections underneath it being related to that theme. There is no suggested amount of time that you should spend with each lesson or chapter; progress through the material at a pace that is comfortable for you.


Before we get started, lets hit on a couple of important goals of these tutorials:

  • Cover programming topics as well as C++. Traditional textbooks do a pretty good job of teaching the basics of a given programming language, but they often do not cover relevant programming topics that are incidental to the language. For example, books will omit sections on programming style, common pitfalls, debugging, good/bad programming practices, and testing. Consequently, by the time you finish the book, you understand how to program in a language, but you have a ton of bad habits that will come back to bite you later! One of the goals of these tutorials is to make sure that all of these incidental topics are covered along the way, in the sections where it naturally makes sense to discuss them. When you finish, you will not only know how to program in C++, you will know how NOT to program in C++, which is arguably as important.
  • Provide a lot of examples. Most people learn as much or more from following the examples as they do from reading the text. This tutorial will endeavor to provide plenty of clear, concise examples to show how to apply the concepts you are learning. We will also avoid (as much as possible) the twin evils: the magic hand wave (also known as …), where in the interest of space part of an example is omitted, and the unexplained new concept, where a new concept that is integral to the example is introduced without any mention of what it is or how it works. Both of these tend to lead to getting stuck.
  • Provide practice programs. The end of many lessons and sections will contain some exercises that you can attempt to answer on your own, along with solutions. You can compare your solution against ours to see what we did differently, or, if you get stuck, how we solved the problem. Then you can go back and refocus on the areas you need more work on.
  • Most importantly: have fun. Programming can be a lot of fun, and if you’re not generally having fun, you’re not in the right mindset to be programming. Tired or unhappy programmers make mistakes, and debugging code tends to take much longer than writing it correctly in the first place! Often you can save yourself some time by going to bed, getting a good night’s sleep, and coming back to a problem in the morning.

Getting the most out of these tutorials

As you go through these tutorials, we recommend a number of practices to maximize your learning experience:

  • Type in the examples by hand and compile them yourself. Do not copy and paste them! This will help you learn where you commonly make errors, as well as becoming familiar with compiler warnings and errors. As you type in the examples, think about why each of the things you are typing in make sense.
  • As you make mistakes or find bugs in your program, fix them. Try to solve your own problems before asking others for help.
  • Experiment with the examples. Change numbers and text to see what happens. Modify the programs to do additional things (e.g. if a program adds two numbers, make it add three numbers). Try to find different ways to break the programs (if a program asks for user input, try a variety of different inputs). You’ll learn as much from modifying the examples as you will by following them.
  • Write your own short programs using the concepts you have learned. Nothing is better than practice.
  • Learn to debug your programs when they don’t work. This is critical to solving your own problems, and is a skill that many new programmers skip to their detriment. We’ll have more information on how to do this in a future lesson.

Note: The majority of the examples in the tutorials are full programs that you can compile and run yourself. However, occasionally the examples will be “snippets” of code that are designed to quickly illustrate a concept. Because these aren’t full programs, they won’t compile without some additional work. You can turn these into full programs yourself, if you desire.

Is there a PDF version of this site available for offline viewing?

Unfortunately, there is not. The site is able to stay free for everyone because we’re ad-sponsored -- that model simply doesn’t work in PDF format. You are welcome to convert pages from this website into PDF (or any other) format for your own private use, so long as you do not distribute them.

These tutorials were written in 2007. Are they still relevant?

Yes, absolutely. C++ doesn’t change very often, and these tutorials have been largely kept up to date.

What should I do if I get stuck?

If you don’t understand something, read through the comments. Other readers may have encountered similar challenges. Second, try scanning through the next lesson in the series -- your question may be answered there. Third, use a search engine (we recommend Google) to see if your question (or error message) has been addressed elsewhere. Fourth, ask your question on a site that is designed for programming Q&A, like Stack Overflow.

If all else fails, skip the material you don’t understand, and come back to it when needed. You may find that something that was hard to understand is easier with the additional knowledge and context provided by other articles.

Alright, let’s get on with it!

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    Hey Alex! I found this challenge in the internet : "Make a program that takes first name, last name, and birth year, month, date and stores it to a .txt file." I know some things from your tutorials, but what about the .txt file? Is is something that we will cover to these tutorials?

    • Alex

      I cover text files in chapter 18. However, just because it’s in chapter 18 doesn’t mean you need to read everything between here and there to use that functionality.

      • nikos-13

        So i can just ignore some chapters? Are there chapters that i must read in order to understand the others?

        • Alex

          Most chapters are mandatory reading (as later chapters tend to build on earlier chapters). The ones that are optional reading generally have a note in the first paragraph indicating they can be skipped.

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    I don’t want to pay for Google services so I would like free no inserted into my account

    • Alex

      I’m not sure what you mean. Google search is free to everyone, and it’s a great resource to turn to when you’re stuck on a particular problem. In almost all cases, someone else has encountered the same problem that you’re having, and someone else has solved it. 🙂

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    Thank you Alex for free knowledge.
    I am so grateful for this

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    i cannot find tutorial on this page?

    • Alex

      At the end of each lesson, there is a link to the next lesson in the series. You can also access them directly from the site’s main page.

  • I really want to learn C++ and can create my own programs. This tutorial will useful for me. Thanks for sharing!

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    I know that this website is ment for C++, but if you can, I would love if you could help me with C.
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    Your tutorials are very simple, effective and easy to remember, that’s why I always try to find things here

    • Alex

      I don’t have a linked list tutorial yet. I’m hoping to get around to writing one in the next few months, after I finish up the chapter on move semantics. I’m not aware of a good tutorial elsewhere, mainly because I haven’t looked.

      • Don jose

        Thanks Alex for your quick replay, I keep eye here to see Linked list tutorials. In the mean time I try to understand the concept however I want to understand from your way of presentation

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    Keep reading. Free C++ programs are covered later in this chapter.

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    • Alex

      I flipped the order of 1c and 1d.

      I moved the content about the std namespace out of 1.3a to 1.8a.
      I moved the content about using statements out of 1.3a to 4.3c.

      You shouldn’t need to go back and re-read anything you’ve already read.

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    • First and foremost, I want to say that I am not a professional linguist in any form, so if someone more qualified can give a better explanation, please do.

      That being said, OP’s (Alex) grammar is correct. In the context that it is being used ("Programming can be a lot of fun, and if you’re not generally having fun, you’re not in the right mindset to be programming") "programming" is a verb in the present tense. It is similar to other present-tense verbs such as to "…to be driving" or "…to be jumping." Other acceptable ways to phrase it would be "…to program," "…to drive" or "…to jump." In those cases, the word in question (program, drive, jump) is being used as a noun instead of a verb.

      Like I said, this is probably not the most comprehensive explanation, but I just though I should try and help. Good luck 🙂

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    Thanx for this tutorial, but i can’t understand why you don’t use "using namespace std;"? It makes the code shorter and increase the speed of coding. Isn’t it?

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    Hey Alex!

    I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on how this is great for beginners, but what about people who have taken a few c++ programming classes in college but didn’t quite learn everything?

    • Alex

      The tutorial series should definitely be good for those kinds of users too. I guarantee you’ll learn something new. You can skim the stuff you already know well, and focus in on the topics you’re weaker on.

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    Hi Alex,
    Is this tutorial up to date? I mean as a beginner, can I use it to learn C++ from scratch, considering that we’re in August 2016?
    Because some people told me to be careful about where I start to learn C++ from, since a lot of tutorials are obsolete and C++ is changing every day!

    • Alex

      Yes, it’s largely up to date. I’m still in the process of integrating some additional C++11/14 stuff into chapters 12 and beyond, but that shouldn’t impede your progress or waste your time as the stuff that’s there is still relevant.

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    Do you have any plan to release a "paid for" version of the tutorial that could be used off-line?

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      Not at this time. The content of this site gets updated several times a week, so an offline version would go stale pretty quickly.

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    hi Alex, after am through with your tutorials, how do i implement it in writing windows programs?

    • Alex

      After you are through with these tutorials, in order to create Windows programs, you’ll want to pick an appropriate GUI framework and leverage that. The framework will assist with creating windows and form elements, and the code you learn here will provide the logic that glues everything together. Which framework you choose is entirely your choice.

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      I’m not sure what you mean. Can you restate what you’re asking?

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          That depends on his employers requirements. Some employers like to see that kind of thing, especially if you have no work history or college degree. Otherwise, how do they know how well you understand this stuff?

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      That’s the point of the site! To explain C++ in a way that doesn’t require prior knowledge of anything except the English language and basic logic.

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        Haha,"Eecept the english language", I agree with it, because i am a Chinese, my english is poor. But I think this website is great.  
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    Hey Alex
    I started C++ course a month ago and I’ve been attending these classes, the teacher just lecture us about different stuff and programs and barely ask us to write things and then gives us some homework.

    I can’t do those home works at all because I’ve never done programming, and I have no idea what’s going on. Your tutorial is amazing but it can’t help me since I can’t spend much time on it.

    What do you suggest? How can I learn this?

    P.S: I"m very frustrated at the moment

    • Alex

      Given your time constraint, I suggest you read the lessons related to the topics your professor is covering to reinforce your knowledge.

      Outside of that, maybe get a tutor who can work with you 1:1 to maximize your time investment to output ratio.

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    That’s it sir. I know these questions may be silly, but I would call them "DOUBTS".
    Thanks in advance, and once again AMAZING work, Alex!

    • Alex

      1) The tutorials are set up so you learn everything you need to know in order. If you skip sections, you may run across concepts that you skipped. If you read them in order, you should have no problems (assuming you understand the material)
      2) No, not any program. This tutorial teaches the C++ core language functionality. There’s still other things you’ll probably want to know about: the classes in the standard library, data structures and algorithms, user interfaces, etc…
      3) These tutorials are meant for both. The tutorials are written assuming you have no background in programming -- however, if you do, you’ll find the material easier. And I almost guarantee you’ll learn some things you didn’t know.
      4) C++ is linked to C, in that C++ branched from C at some point in the past. You do not need to learn C before C++, and I would not recommend doing so.

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        • Alex

          C++ would help you if you want to learn to write high-performance, memory intensive, and/or real-time applications. C++ is great for video games and simulations, and is used in finance, engineering, transportation, physics, and many other industries.

          If you’re not sure whether C++ is right for you, that’s okay. I suggest Googling, “What is C++ good at?” and reading some more about what it can do.

  • thanx Alex,this is a great site .

    //keep coding 🙂
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    if(cout<<"hello world to bye bye world(begineer to expert :)")
    return 0;

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    One small bone to pick though. I have been programming for decades, so I’m over the "we don’t assume you have any previous programming knowledge" approach. It makes it tedious to quickly get up to speed with a new language or framework.

    I personally was looking for a way of getting from the old style C++ with templates to the newer C++ 01/07/11/14 way of doing things. So I’m kind of sick of seeing how to do if statements… But not your fault, you have your target audience, and I’m not really in it.

    Maybe something like "If you have had previous programming experience, click here. If you have some experience with C++ click here. If you have previous experience with C++ and understand the STL, click here. If you want to understand the difference between C++ 01 and C++ 07 click here" would help?

    • Alex

      Yep, you’re just not the target audience for this tutorial. I suppose it might make sense to have an index linking to pages where things have changed in C++11/14. I’ll add it to my to do to investigate.

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    Please write some tutorials on how to create gui application in c++

    • Alex

      I might in the future, but it’s worth noting that C++ doesn’t include any GUI functionality as part of the core C++ language. That means we have to turn to 3rd party libraries for this functionality -- and there are many of those, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

      • Goatflakes

        Yeah, I kind of wish that Bjarne Stroustrup would put a decent framework into the C++ standard, but I really do understand why he doesn’t. GUIs are _still_ rapidly diverging, c. 30 years after what seemed at the time to be the canonical approach (WIMP) was well understood. Also, it’s a very political thing to do.

        PS: Also WTF Bjarne Stroustrup’s day job is a managing director at Morgan Stanley. I found this when I searched his name to make sure I had spelt it correctly.

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    Este exact site-ul pe care îl căutam! Deocamdată știu să programez în c# pentru jocuri in programul Unity 3D, dar cred că dacă o să știu să programez în c++ o să mă ajute foarte mult în c#. Oricum este foarte bun site-ul ca să înveți c++.<<endl
    Thanks a bunch for this free website! I’ve been trying to go through a whole bunch of sites, apps, and books to learn this stuff, but this one seems promising. But the thing is, I’m not 100% sure if this is what I need for the program I plan to make. I know C++ is very powerful but I still never know. (I’m around 90% sure by the way).
    So my question is, "Can you make a "game" similar to Nested by Orteil with C++?" With the new universe each time thing and there’s an infinite amount of things in it?
    Also, being a beginner, I’m having trouble imagining how something like Nested can be programmed and I hope this site gives me the tools to be able to make exactly what I want.\
    I disabled my add-blocker to support the site. Also I’m working as software engineer but I never had enough consistency to thoroughly work trough similar guides. I’ve always learnt as I go. Since I’m currently working on a service that is developed in C++/Qt I felt that I’d like to have better grips and understanding why and how are things working in that world as they are. Also I’ll promise to donate if I’ll be able to work that guide trough.


    • Alex

      You could definitely write something similar to Nested, though with C++ you’d be better off doing so as an application instead of a web page since C++ isn’t a web technology.

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    Thank you. I really appreciate your efforts. This is exactly what I needed and it’s free.

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  • Este exact site-ul pe care îl căutam! Deocamdată știu să programez în c# pentru jocuri in programul Unity 3D, dar cred că dacă o să știu să programez în c++ o să mă ajute foarte mult în c#. Oricum este foarte bun site-ul ca să înveți c++.

  • Lite3000

    Thanks a bunch for this free website! I’ve been trying to go through a whole bunch of sites, apps, and books to learn this stuff, but this one seems promising. But the thing is, I’m not 100% sure if this is what I need for the program I plan to make. I know C++ is very powerful but I still never know. (I’m around 90% sure by the way).
    So my question is, "Can you make a "game" similar to Nested by Orteil with C++?" With the new universe each time thing and there’s an infinite amount of things in it?
    Also, being a beginner, I’m having trouble imagining how something like Nested can be programmed and I hope this site gives me the tools to be able to make exactly what I want.

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      It looks like Nested was written in Javascript. See:

      You could certainly create a client-version of this in C++, but if you wanted it to be web-accessible you’d probably be better off using another language.

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