B.2 — Introduction to C++14

What is C++14?

On August 18, 2014, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) approved a new version of C++, called C++14. Unlike C++11, which added a huge amount of new functionality, C++14 is a comparatively minor update, mainly featuring bug fixes and small improvements.

New improvements in C++14

For your interest, here’s a list of the major improvements that C++14 adds. Note that this list is not comprehensive, but rather intended to highlight some of the key improvements of interest.

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5 comments to B.2 — Introduction to C++14

  • garry ehrlich

    Hi Alex- I noticed that there are a lot of (no tutorials yet) sprinkled throughout the lists of improvements.
    Taking the ‘yet’ to mean that you intend to write these tutorials in the future, it would be really cool if
    you could somehow give us a heads-up when you produce one.

    Kudos for the splendid ones that already exist.


    • Alex

      I would like to write them someday, but it’s not clear yet when I’ll be able to.

      Whenever I update one of these, I’ll update the front page link to this article with an updated date. So check the front page periodically. There are also chrome plugins that can help with this (e.g. visualping). I’m not sure whether the ads will throw them off, but you might give it a whirl.

  • John

    just a suggestion, would like to see something on threads and events and moving data between threads.  thanks

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