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B.1 — Introduction to C++11

What is C++11?

On August 12, 2011, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) [1] approved a new version of C++, called C++11. C++11 adds a whole new set of features to the C++ language! Use of these new features is entirely optional -- but you will undoubtedly find some of them helpful. The prior tutorials have all been updated to be C++11 compliant.

The goals and designs of C++11

Bjarne Stroustrup characterized the goals of C++11 as such:

To that end, the committee that put the language together tried to obey the following general principles:

C++11 isn’t a large departure from C++03 thematically, but it did add a huge amount of new functionality.

Major new features in C++11

For your interest, here’s a list of the major features that C++11 adds. Note that this list is not comprehensive, but rather intended to highlight some of the key features of interest.

There are also many new classes in the C++ standard library available for use.

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