B.3 — Introduction to C++17

What is C++17?

In September of 2017, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) approved a new version of C++, called C++17. C++17 contains a fair amount of new content

New improvements in C++17

For your interest, here’s a list of the major improvements that C++17 adds. Note that this list is not comprehensive, but rather intended to highlight some of the key improvements of interest.

  • __has_include preprocessor identifier to check if optional header files are available (no tutorial yet)
  • if statements that resolve at compile time (no tutorial yet)
  • Initializers in if statements and switch statements (no tutorial yet)
  • inline variables (no tutorial yet)
  • Fold expressions (no tutorial yet)
  • Nested namespaces can now be defined as namespace X::Y (4.3b -- Namespaces)
  • Removal of std::auto_ptr and some other deprecated types
  • static_assert no longer requires a diagnostic text message parameter (7.12a -- Assert and static_assert)
  • std::any (no tutorial yet)
  • std::byte (no tutorial yet)
  • std::filesystem (no tutorial yet)
  • std::optional (no tutorial yet)
  • std::shared_ptr can now manage C-style arrays (but std::make_shared can’t create them yet) (15.6 -- std::shared_ptr)
  • Structured binding declarations (7.4a -- Returning values by value, reference, and address, but could use a full lesson)
  • Template deduction for constructors (no tutorial yet)
  • Trigraphs have been removed (no tutorial yet)
  • typename can now be used (instead of class) in a template template parameter (no tutorial yet)
  • UTF-8 (u8) character literals (no tutorial yet)
Appendix C -- The end?
B.2 -- Introduction to C++14

4 comments to B.3 — Introduction to C++17

  • P-z

    2nd line:

      ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

    Shouldn't Organization and Standardization be flipped? Or IOS instead of ISO?

    • "ISO is not an acronym. The organization adopted ISO as its abbreviated name in reference to the Greek word isos (ίσος, meaning "equal"),[4] as its name in the three official languages would have different acronyms. "

  • nascardriver

    "Nested namespaces can now be defined as namespace X:Y"
    is missing a colon
    "Nested namespaces can now be defined as namespace X::Y"

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