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New look and feel

Подаръци [1]канализация [2]As you’re already noticing, the website now has a new look and feel! The previous theme that we were using for the website was woefully incompatible with WordPress 3.0, so we’ve upgraded to the Atahualpa theme, which has an incredible number of configuration options, and should provide better support for future features. Sorry Tiga theme fans, looks like Tiga’s going to be left in the dustbin of history. :(

The theme upgrade has necessitated a lot of rework on the site, and it’s possible some things may still not be functioning correctly. If you find anything that seems funny (missing functionality that used to work, dead links, etc…), please leave a comment below and let me know.

Or, if you just feel like commenting on the new theme (like it? hate it? unsure?), feel free. :)

Thanks for visiting!