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This is why we can’t have nice things, part 2

On the heels of my previous post This is why we can’t have nice things [1], we’ve had a another incident with hackers/malicious software. According to my host, exploiters found a way to exploit the WebMin control panel and load the site up with malicious scripts. As a result, the site was suspended again, and the account quarantined.

The good news is that we’re back up and running (again), on a clean account with updated software. Everything has now been restored from the backups -- However, because the new account is running a different version of Linux and a slightly different configuration, it’s likely there could be some minor glitches I haven’t discovered yet.

If you run across anything that seems broken, please leave a message in this thread and let me know.

Thanks for being patient with our unexpected downtime this month, and I’m glad we’re back (again!). :)


PS: I’d like to give a quick tip of the hat to our site host LunarPages [2], who did a phenomenal job to help get things back up and running.