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Tiga and WordPress 2.5

Hey everyone,

I just upgraded this site to WordPress 2.5 and Tiga v2.3 appears to be working just fine.


If you are running Tiga v2.3 already should be able to upgrade [1] to WordPress v2.5 with no major problems.

If you are running an older version of the Tiga theme, install the 2.2/2.3 patch [2], then upgrade to WordPress v2.5.

If you are not running Tiga at all, you can download the original Tiga theme here [3]. Then install the 2.2/2.3 patch [2]. Then upgrade to WordPress v2.5.

If there are any general [4] problems with the Tiga v2.3 theme under WordPress 2.5, you can leave a response under this thread.



Check to be sure your ink cartridges [5] are full.