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1.12 — Chapter 1 comprehensive quiz

Question 1

Write a single-file program (named main.cpp) that reads two separate integers from the user, adds them together, and then outputs the answer. The program should use three functions:

Hint: You do not need to write a separate function to do the adding (just use operator+ directly).
Hint: You will need to call readNumber() twice.
Hint: If you’re using visual studio with precompiled headers, don’t forget to #include “stdafx.h”.

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Question 2

Modify the program you wrote in exercise #1 so that readNumber() and writeAnswer() live in a separate file called “io.cpp”. Use a forward declaration to access them from main().

Hint: If you’re having problems, make sure io.cpp is properly added to your project so it gets compiled (see lession 1.8 -- programs with multiple files [2] for more information on how to do this).

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Question 3

Modify the program you wrote in #2 so that it uses a header file (named io.h) to access the functions instead of using forward declarations directly in your code (.cpp) files. Make sure your header file uses header guards.

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2.1 -- Fundamental variable definition, initialization, and assignment [3]
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1.11a -- Debugging your program (watching variables and the call stack) [5]